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Whether you are just starting out or have been in CrossFit for years, there are few rules we think you should follow to make the most out of CrossFit Bay Area. We see many people fail to reach their goals. We want everyone to succeed and believe it possible if you follow a few rules. Here’s 8 ways to get the most out of your CrossFit Bay Area experience, and reach your fitness goals:

  1. Be consistent. Whether you workout once a week or five times a week, you need to be consistent. Working out one time a week, every week, is better than working out five times every 3 weeks. Think of CrossFit as a mandatory part of your life, like taking a shower, or going to work.
  2. Track results. It’s important to track your exercises and routines to be able to look back up. If you start to not see results you can see exactly what you might need to change very quickly. Think of it as tracking calories, for your work out.
  3. Eat well.  Eat a clean diet. If you are working out everyday but filling your body with junk you will still be unhealthy. Talk to your CrossFit coach and get a plan for your specific goals.
  4. Sleep. Sleep is very important to your body, and is often overlooked. Your body heals while you sleep.
  5. Focus on technique. In every movent that you make you need to be very strict. Take your time and dial in your technique. Even if this means cutting back while you work out, you definitly want to take the time to make sure your technique is excellent.
  6. Don’t over train. When you over train, your body becomes weak and it becomes hard to stay consistent. You will start to risk your safety and no one wants that.
  7. Set Goals. It’s important to set smart goals to get what you need out of CrossFit. Everyone is different so you need to have your own goals.
  8. Be patient. Success doesn’t come over night, however, if you’re patient and follow all these rules you will reach your goals. Remember this is a lifestyle.


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  • Lizette Moss

    I am interested in some personal training to tone my body and also gain strenght. What is the cost and schedules you have available for this service? How long (weeks, days, hours) does the training usually takes?
    Thank you, Lizette

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