The Overhead Squat

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The overhead squat (OHS) is one of the best exercise for improving core strength and range of motion (ROM). For many, executing this movement requires a significant amount of warmup and mobility work, so here are a few things to keep in mind before starting:

– Warm up: Get the mind ready, blood pumping, and heart rate elevated with a good warmup.
– Mobility: Focus on working/loosening the major connective tissue areas of the shoulders, hips and ankles.
– Practice: Use a PVC pipe or something similar to practice the movements as shown in the video.
– Lift: allow your self PLENTY of time to get to the target weight!
– SCALE: If you are restricted through the applicable ROM, or if you’re dealing with an injury/problem area, only move to the extent that you can.

More importantly than executing this movement with additional weight (outside of body weight or a PVC pipe), ensure that your movement patterns are sound. One of the core principles of CrossFit is to get you moving safely/properly and through a full ROM, and our coaches here at CrossFit Bay Area are trained to help you achieve this goal (and many others!). So come out and see us or send us a message and we’ll show you all about the OHS, and also get you started on the journey to achieving your fitness goals!

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